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At Midway Farm Equipment, we are committed to providing our customers with quality products and service. Customers are our only priority and we are committed to stocking and selling quality lines of AGCO equipment and parts. We also want to protect our customers' investments with quality service. Our service personnel are factory trained and schooled annually to keep up with the changing farm equipment.

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Internet Business Policy

Midway Farm Equipment advertises products and services through its website at midwayfarmequip.com and through various internet machinery marketplaces.  Please read our policy regarding sales on items through our internet site before purchasing:

Product availability is subject to change daily.  We attempt to keep the list of items advertised on the internet current, but our core business is direct with our local customers, and all items are subject to prior sale.  The only way to hold an item is to pay for it by bankable check, a retail contract upon approved credit, or wire transfer.  A deposit for an amount determind by us will hold an item for 24 to 48 hours maximum while credit approval is being sought.  Otherwise, receiving a quotation or offer from us does not constitute a final sale.

Product warranty is limited to the specific warranty conveyed on each item, and is particular to that item at the price quoted.  Additional warranty may be available at some cost, and many new or late model used items may also include manufacturer's warranty.  Specific terms of any warranty we offer will be given to you upon purchase.  If not, then all items are assumed to be sold as-is, without any warranty.  We suggest that if you are making a substantial purchase that you visit us and personally inspect the item being considered for purchase.  Items not inspected by you before purchase are not eligible for return or refund.

Transportation costs are not to be assumed to be included in our quoted price.  These costs are a negotiation point between the buyer and Midway Farm Equipment at the time of purchase.   A general guideline is that we will deliver items to you for an estimated $4.00 per loaded trip mile plus the cost of any oversize permits.  Ask for a firm freight quote before completing your purchase.

State sales tax is collected by us on all non-exempt sales in Minnesota.  Buyers from other states will be required to sign tax exempt documentation from their state and all buyers take full responsibility for paying any sales or use tax applicable in their location.

Pricing of new equipment is consistent with the pricing we give to our local customers.  We ask out of courtesy to our fellow dealers that you price locally first and last, and please don't use our retail price to drive down the price of your local dealer.  If you get a quotation or purchase new equipment from us, please understand clearly that although your local dealer may have an obligation to do the warranty work on the item, he doesn't have to fix your product ahead of those purchased by his local loyal customers.  Also, be aware that warranty seldom includes transportation charges, service calls, or any other charges not reimbursed by the manufacturer.  If we find out that our prices are being unfairly quoted to a competing dealership, we will no longer price products to the person who conveys this pricing.  Our pricing policy is fair; please make sure your purchasing and pricing practices are also fair.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding our website or our business, please contact us at 507-427-3414 or midway@rconnect.com.  Thanks for taking the time to look at our site and for e-shopping with us!


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